VIDEO: Chicago’s NotiManches Premieres Latest Comedy Videos

Feb 20, 2013
7:54 AM

We found NotiManches via our Chicago contacts, and we are glad we did. This is exactly what we need more of: Spanish-language comedy with more edge and a lot more wit. Intelligent comedy in Spanish. What a concept. It’s about flipping time. Here are NotiManches’ first two videos. Let us know what you think.


This first skit is about a Latin American president and his poor use of Twitter:

And did you ever wonder how capos actually got their names?

The NotiManches crew plans to release a new video once a month. According to their YouTube channel, “NotiManches’ is a fictional newscast program that uses current events to inspire comedic content. The show was inspired and created by Fernando Diaz, Cesar Jaime, Danny Mora, Eddie Mujica, and Eddie Pina.” You can subscribe to NotiManches on YouTube here.