The #NoMames Meme of the Week: There Are Homeless Veterans But No “Homeless Illegals”

Feb 21, 2013
3:52 PM

This week’s #NoMames meme of the week goes to the Facebook page of “Support our troops or get the f–k out.” As of this posting, over 5,000 people have liked it and the meme has been shared over 4,000 times.


The Facebook thread also contains many lovely comments, such as these:

f*ck every and anything you said Veterans should be top priority over those f*cking illegals who mooch off the welfare systems and complain after they get life handed to them by my tax dollars what needs to be done is close the f*cking borders top creating inflation and the goverment needs to take care of the vets first of course and then the rest of the country


Easy answer. The government cares more about the politics behind what an illegal can do for them, than they do our Vets; to them, they have served their purpose. It’s getting even worse as time goes on for our current servicemen and women.

Therefore, people should be way more pissed about the state of our Country than they currently are. Everything is upside-down and it breaks my heart to hear all of the horror stories of how Vets are treated upon returning home. Not only by our government, but by some of our own citizens..