Is Uncredited Voice Behind “Con Los Terroristas” Sample in “Harlem Shake” Song Suing DJ Baauer?

Feb 22, 2013
8:27 PM

Of course, you knew that “The Harlem Shake” Internet phenomenon would eventually lead to controversy. After ABC News reported this week that Héctor Delgado, a former Puerto Rican reggaeton star known as Héctor “El Father,” was the uncredited voice behind the opening “con los terroristas” sample of the Baauer song that has become an online legend, it looks like Héctor is going to be lawyering up.


According to reports from Puerto Rico, Delgado told WAPA-Tv’s “Lo sé todo” that he was working with his lawyers and that he plans to meet with them next week to discuss next steps. Delgado, who gave up the reggaeton scene in 2008 and is now a preacher, also confirmed that he recorded “Los terroristas” eight years ago, the song where he used the line that is now heard in thousands of user-generated videos:

Los Terroristas (Remix) – LMP by Hector El Father on Grooveshark

Baauer (Harry Rodrigues), a 23-year-old DJ born in West Philadelphia, recently told The Daily Beast how he formed the viral hit: “I just had the idea of taking a Dutch house squeaky-high synth and putting it over a hip-hop track. And then I tried to just make it the most stand-out, flashy track that would get anyone’s attention, so put as many sounds and weird shit in there as I could. The dude in the beginning I got somewhere off the Internet, I don’t even know where, and the lion roar just makes no sense. There’s the sound of flames in there, too, it’s just really low.”

According the reports, the song has already become an “easy moneymaker” for Bauuer on YouTube. It is also a #1 song on iTunes. And now the “dude in the beginning” from “somewhere off the Internet” or his lawyers will likely be contacting Baauer.