Dear Nativist @rsmccain: #NoMames to Your “Mexican Weather Girls” Immigration Tweet

Feb 23, 2013
5:18 PM

Maybe, just maybe, deep deep down inside, hard-line immigration nativists just want to be loved by Mexican weather girls.

That could be the case of Robert Stacy McCain, a conservative correspondent for the American Spectator, whose Twitter profile @rsmccain posted the following “joke” on Friday:

The tweet took people to a blog post from Reagan Republican Resistance that talks about how “HAWT” Mexican weather girls are. The blog post included pictures such as these (BTW, we don’t think this woman is from Mexico, but you know you all Latinas are the same):

Mexican weather girl 02

The tweet and the link were also retweeted by the Twitter account of Mark Krikorian, Executive Director of Center for Immigration Studies. You know Krikorian and CIS, right? They are pretty much against any immigration and definitely against a pathway to citizenship to the country’s estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants. Guess that doesn’t apply to Mexican weather girls, because sexism goes well with nativism.


Yesterday the HuffPost’s Roque Planas, who wrote the initial piece about the original tweet, tweeted to McCain for a response:

McCain responded with this:

Ah, yes, the old “get over it” response. Earlier today McCain’s Twitter account felt he needed to rub it in a bit more when the following was posted:

This time Krikorian’s Twitter responded to McCain with the following:

Maybe Krikorian saw what McCain initially tweeted out, and finally realized it was in poor taste, offensive and quite amateurish. And hey, if you are going to be consistent in your nativism, you gotta be careful. As for McCain, yeah, we know what you really like. But sorry, #NoMames.

UPDATE: Guess Krikorian thought McCain’s tweet WAS funny since they both tweeted it us to make sure it was clear what they meant: