Seriously? Former Philadelphia Cop Caught on Tape Punching Woman Found Not Guilty

Feb 26, 2013
3:50 PM

Remember the story out of Philadelphia showing a cop punching a woman on tape last fall? Remember how the police officer was fired just days after the tape went viral on YouTube?


Today in Philadelphia, former Philadelphia Police lieutenant Jonathan Josey was found not guilty after being charged with punching Aida Guzmán last September 30, has been found not guilty.

Here is a local news report about the verdict:

An excerpt from the local TV report reads:

“Being a cop in this city is something I’ve wanted to do since I was five years old. There’s nothing else I’ve wanted to do,” Josey said after court. “In my future, I plan on retiring when I want to retire.”

Judge Patrick Dugan said the short video clip “didn’t tell the whole story.” Dugan said the video was disturbing, but blamed the media for sensationalizing the incident and playing it ‘a thousand times.’ He said the incident was part of a volatile, fast-paced situation – not a slow motion video.
Josey broke down in tears as the courtroom, packed with police officers, erupted in applause.

“We’re thrilled that the verdict that was rendered in this case, and I’m sure Jon Josey is looking forward to getting back to work and doing what he does best, which is to protect and serve the people of Philadelphia,” said Josey’s lawyer, Fortunato Perri, Jr.

Action News has learned that Josey is planning to seek reinstatement to the Philadelphia Police Department.

The story continues:

On the witness stand earlier this month, Josey was near tears while telling the judge he swung at Guzman to knock a beer bottle out of her hand, and he wasn’t trying to hurt her. He said he and other officers were hit with beer from behind and, each time he turned to see who did it, he saw Guzman jumping up and down.

Josey conceded he never saw Guzman throw beer. Guzman was arrested that day but charges against her were later dropped.

Speaking in Spanish after the verdict was handed down, Guzman accused the judge of perpetrating a cover-up, saying she knew the verdict would be not guilty. She went on to say the police department is racist.

Her lawyer, Enrique Latyoisin, said this was an assault on the Latino community.

“What took place today is an injustice to Miss Guzman, it was an injustice to the Puerto Rican and Spanish community,” Latyoisin said. “The Spanish community was portrayed as being scary, lawless, people that were creating a mob situation.”

This is the video that caused it all. The original video had gotten over a million views in just a few days.