VIDEO: City Hall Protest Against Not Guilty Verdict of Ex-Philly Cop who Punched Woman on Tape

Mar 3, 2013
6:08 PM

According to local Spanish-language outlet Al Día, this past Friday in Philadelphia about 100 protesters, which included Hispanic and African American community leaders, took to City Hall to speak out against the not guilty verdict that judge Patrick Dugan issued in the simple assault non-jury case of former lieutenant Jonathan Josey, who was caught on a viral video last fall punching Aida Guzmán after the city’s Puerto Rican Day Parade. The protesters also directed their comments at Dugan, who did not reveal during the case that he was married to a Philly police officer, raising possible conflict of interest issues.

Screen Grab, YouTube

Screen Grab, YouTube

Al Día posted a YouTube video of the protest:

The outlet also reported that many who were present during the case and the verdict were very upset that Dugan made​​ derogatory remarks against the North Philadelphia community, which is predominantly Latino.

Al Día also spoke with Guzmán, who expressed that she was “upset” with the judge’s decision, but still believes that justice will be achieved. As she said in Spanish, “The evidence is there. [The judge’s decision] was corruption. If you are married to a police officer, why did they give him my case?”

This is the video that led to all this.