#WhoIsChuckSchumer: “Immigration Champion or Border Security Fanatic?”

Mar 4, 2013
2:14 PM

This just in from DRM Action Coalition.


Senator Chuck Schumer has been one of the lead persons on immigration and memeber of the Gang of 8; however, after reviewing his record, he can hardly be called a champion. Latinos and our community voted for humane immigration reform to ensure families are together, not more out of control enforcement. Countless reports indicate the border is more secure than ever. However, Senator Schumer is championing more enforcement than family unity and calling our loved ones “illegals” as if they are criminals.

Will the Real Chuck Schumer stand up and be the champion on immigration!

Remind him that NYS wants family unity to be the focus on immigration not more out of control enforcement. Can you help us get 2,000 signatures to deliver to the offices of Sen. Chuck Schumer and demand real leadership?

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