VIDEO from “Democracy Now!”: Roundtable on Mixed Legacy of Hugo Chávez and Future of Venezuela

Mar 6, 2013
10:24 AM

This morning, Democracy Now! ran a 50-minute roundtable surrounding the death of Hugo Chávez and where Venezuela goes from here.

Venezuela Chavez What Is Next

Here is the entire segment: “With the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez after a two-year fight with cancer, we host a roundtable discussion on a revolutionary leader whose democratic-socialist policies not only transformed his country, but helped steer the entire Latin American region away from U.S.-backed neo-liberalism. We’re joined by five guests: Miguel Tinker Salas, Pomona College professor and author of two books on Venezuela; Venezuelan-American attorney Eva Golinger, a friend and advisor to Chavez; New York University professor and author Greg Grandin; Gregory Wilpert, founder of; and Michael Shifter, president of the Inter-American Dialogue, a Washington-based policy forum on Western Hemisphere affairs. We spend the hour on the life of Chávez, his legacy, and what may come next in Venezuela.”