VIDEO: John McCain’s Phoenix Immigration Town Hall Meeting

Mar 26, 2013
11:39 AM

Another month another town hall immigration meeting for Arizona Senator John McCain. The last time McCain made the town hall circuit in February, things weren’t so rosy. This time, McCain was lowering expectations and telling people that many won’t be “happy” with what the Gang of Eight is crafting as the final version of a comprehensive immigration reform bill.


The following clip explains a bit. And yes, that is DREAMer activist Erika Andiola and her mother, who both made national headlines earlier in January. After Erika speaks, we get the “other side” from Anna Gaines of American Citizens United, who is also known as the “immigrant who hates immigrants.” Gaines also said this at the meeting: “Senator McCain doesn’t understand we’re bringing poverty to this country and like Mexico, we’re going to be a Third World country!”

Here are two other reports: