Cuéntame Launches “Deport Hate” Campaign with Video About Immigrants and the Media

Apr 5, 2013
11:30 AM

This week Cuéntame released the first video of its “Deport Hate” series. The video discusses the “five ways anti-immigrant hate makes its way into media and policy.” The video includes comments and insights from journalist and author Pilar Marrero, national columnist Gustavo Arrellano, writer/broadcaster Wendy Carrillo, and our very own Julito, Latino Rebels founder.


For more information about the campaign, visit Deport Hate.

Our current immigration system is broken. Deportations are at a record high, families are being separated, immigrant workers exploited, human lives are being lost at the border, there is rampant persecution and discrimination of immigrants and a continuation in the perpetuation of negative stereotypes and the criminalization of migration.

How did we get here? How did we sacrifice basic human and civil rights in the name of political posturing, agendas and money interests? What can we do to reverse this?

The problem is that our current perspective of immigration has been driven for far too long by xenophobic nativists, fringe politicians, absurd pundits and profiteering allies and has been based on a false concept criminalization. It has been translated into a draconian persecution that has violated our country’s commitment to human rights.

We are taking a stand. We are showing exactly how this is perpetrated and who it affects. The mothers, the children, the families, the students, the fathers, the communities, the individuals. The humans.

We reject the hate and embrace efforts for a new approach and a new system. This is why this documentary series aims at changing the immigrant narrative for the better, once and for all.

Take a stand with us and DEPORT HATE!