Rubio Issues Statement Regarding Cuba Visit by Jay-Z and Beyonce

Apr 8, 2013
11:15 PM

For the record, Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s favorite rappers are NWA, Eminem, and Tupac. Jay-Z is never mentioned.


So it comes as no surprise that Rubio is not a happy guy right now after news of the Cuba visit by Jay-Z and Beyonce has gotten Miami’s anti-Castro forces riled up. Here is what Rubio issued tonight:

“U.S. law clearly bans tourism to Cuba by American citizens because it provides money to a cruel, repressive and murderous regime.  Since their inception, the Obama Administration’s “people to people” cultural exchange programs have been abused by tourists who have no interest in the Cuban people’s freedom and either don’t realize or don’t care that they’re essentially funding the regime’s systematic trampling of people’s human rights.

“According to recent news reports, Jay-Z and Beyonce’s Cuba trip, which the regime seized on for propaganda purposes, was fully licensed by the Treasury Department.  If true, the Obama Administration should explain exactly how trips like these comply with U.S. law and regulations governing travel to Cuba and it should disclose how many more of these trips they have licensed.”