From HuffPost: “No Politico, Not All Undocumented Immigrants Are Latino”

Apr 24, 2013
10:36 AM

The Huff Post’s Roque Plenas speaks the truth in his latest piece, titled “No Politico, Not All Undocumented Immigrants Are Latino.”


Politico made waves with an article published Monday that attempts to parse out the political efforts of a proposal for comprehensive immigration reform.

The article argues that “pumping as many as 11 million new Hispanic voters into the electorate a decade from now” would create a “bonanza” for Democrats, as some conservatives fear.

The overall thrust of the article makes sense. Latinos tend to vote more liberal than the general electorate, so if more Latinos become citizens, the trend will likely favor Democrats.

The article’s math, however, doesn’t hold water, as plenty of people have pointed out.

There’s a lot of problems with the assumptions the article makes, but among the largest is that Politico assumes all undocumented immigrants are Latino.

They aren’t. Of the estimated 11.1 million undocumented immigrants residing in the United States as of 2011, some 81 percent were born in Latin America, according to Pew Hispanic Center. So the actual figure of undocumented Hispanics is probably closer to 9 million.

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