#NoMames: The Ignorantly Shameful Mexican Immigration Prank Video

Apr 25, 2013
5:04 PM

Can this get any more awful? The following video posted by World Star Hiphop NYC earlier today has gone viral on Facebook (now deleted), and it is shameful. Completely unacceptable, and abusive.

We can’t even begin to explain it, but apparently some witty pendejo thinks he is a comedian. Watch. (By the way, the video has been around online for a while.)

Now the person behind all this is a standup comedian named Ari Shaffir, also known at The Amazing Racist. This is his Facebook page. Here is what he says in one post about what he does, since he loves to do these types of pranks: “These are some pranks I did called ‘The Amazing Racist.’ Some people know me from these. Keep in mind, I’m a standup comedian. That should answer any questions you have. I won’t tell people if I’m ‘really racist or not’ or if ‘I know I’m Jewish’ because they’re both very stupid questions. These pranks make many people laugh and many people angry. If you’re cool, they probably won’t make you angry. If you can’t see the irony or comedic value of a Jew in a Klan outfit who yells at a Latino man to “Go back to Africa.” then I can’t help you on your life journey. You’re already lost.”

We have no words. Neither for Shaffir, who thinks he is hilarious or for World Star Hiphop NYC, for thinking that this constitutes humor. This isn’t wit. It is tasteless abuse.

Fortunately, some people on World Star Hiphop NYC’s Facebook page are schooling the page:

“would have been funny if one of the mexicans was actually an american citizen, didn’t run away and just started beating his ass.” (1,025 likes)

“Fuckin pendejoooooooo”

“And then white people complain that hispanics are taking their jobs. You know why we do? because while you are to busy pulling “pranks” being ASSHOLES. were busy trying to make that paper. Lazy fucks.

This is so messed up.  Ignorant ass people.”

“Most fucked up shit I seen. Regardless where you come from or what race you are were all human beings we should treat others with MF respect! That’s a problem society has! Fuck racist people! I wish the “white” people knew what the minorities deal with daily!”

And you wonder why most Americans still have a racist and ignorant attitude towards Latinos? Things like this matter. Just ask Brisenia Flores.