Yes, The World Now Has a PETA Latino: And We Don’t Know Why We Need It

Apr 28, 2013
2:01 PM

Where do we start? Ok, let’s start here. Yes, there is a PETA Latino, and we don’t know why.

Someone in PETA has actually spent money on creating a new “Latino” page for animal rights? Why, because the actually mainstream PETA page is not good enough or gets the job done? PETA really thinks that U.S. Latinos don’t go to the actual main PETA page, so now we have to create another “barrio” brand as well? Did we not learn from Clorox?


What does make sense is that PETA Latino provides content in Spanish, but this Spanish content could just have applied to the main PETA page. Our advice: Create a PETA en español, a Spanish-language version of the main site, and you’re all set. (FYI: There is a, which takes you back to PETA Latino) And it’s not like PETA doesn’t have Spanish-language PSAs and content on its main site already. It does. Why not just highlight those more clearly on your main site?

Dear PETA: You don’t need to create a “Latino” site. Such a move just raises questions. Will PETA Latino only try to protect “Latino” animals? Save the armadillo! Don’t each llamas! It just doesn’t make sense. Why be “Latino” when PETA as PETA is just fine. You see our point here?

Maybe “Mi blog es tu blog” has the answer. In a post called, “This is How PETA Wants Latinos to Stop Craving Meat,” our dear friend Laura Martínez said it best.


I commend PETA on its efforts, but quite frankly if you want Hispanics to stop craving meat, you might want to reconsider putting a naked former Miss Panama on top of a gigantic piece of broccoli. That will just make them toss the veggies and keep the meat.

Just sayin’