Yeah, ESPN’s Chris Broussard Is a Homophobic Pendejo

Apr 29, 2013
4:40 PM

Really, dude? As Deadspin so aptly put it about ESPN’s OTL coverage of NBA Jason Collins telling Sports Illustrated that he is gay, “OTL booked Chris Broussard to have a discussion with openly gay correspondent LZ Granderson, and it rapidly devolved into a talk about whether or not gay sex is sinful. Huh?”

Now we know that Broussard has his opinion, and he has every right to state it. But last time we checked, God (or whatever spirit you follow) is all about love. Why is bugging you? Collins took a stand today, and you could at least give it a bit of context, but instead, you went down a road not that traveled. And you stated it as an ESPN employee, and not from the comfort of you own private home. Countdown to career ending in 3, 2, 1.


Why the hate, Chris? Do you have the courage to say it straight to Collins? BTW, Granderson’s repines was awesome, watch it here.


By the way, we give Brousard another 2 days at ESPN, if that. Here is a sampling what Twitter is saying right now:

And the hits keep coming here.