When Sororities Go Racist, Part Three: “Chola” Pictures Stir Controversy at Cal State San Marcos

May 3, 2013
1:06 PM

Here we go again. Just a few months after sororities at both Baylor and Penn State made national headlines for their racist “Mexican-themed” photos, a sorority at Cal State San Marcos is the latest example “When Sororities Go Racist.” As reported by NBC Latino, Alpha Chi Omega felt the brunt of the San Marcos community after Instagram and Facebook photos of a few sorority sisters dressed as “cholas” made the social media rounds.


The NBC story received the following comment from a San Marcos spokesperson:

The campus community voiced concern regarding the incident and as a campus we responded by facilitating discussion and meetings. As a campus community this was an unfortunate incident and will be an opportunity for growth, reflection and education.


In addition, sorority president Megan Koelln apologized for the incident: “We apologize from the bottom of our hearts. It was a mistake and a lack of education on our part.”

This local report from San Diego gathered reaction about the incident and the feelings of some students: