Marco Rubio Doesn’t Think Using America’s Voice #GangofHate Applies

May 6, 2013
3:54 PM

Twitter is now the go-to place to confront each other in public, especially when it comes to the ongoing debate on immigration reform. Today is no different, as you will see from the following thread which started when the Twitter profile of America’s Voice, a pro-immigration DC group, got a tweet back from the Twitter profile of Senator Marco Rubio for using the hashtag #GangofHate when describing certain senators who are not really that into the current immigration reform bill from the Gang of Eight, which is currently in markup phase.


It all started a few days ago with this (and an announcement to the press):

It then moved to this:

Soon it started to make the DC circles:

Another Jeff Sessions tweet, whom we think is probably the ringleader of the anti-immigration vote:

The tweets got more frequent today:

Which finally led to this:

Granted, the Rubio tweet had a typo, but you get the point. Rubio’s tweet then led to these tweets:

Just another day in the immigration debate. It really will never end.