The Murder Trial of the Irish Nanny the Boston Media Doesn’t Want to Call Illegal

May 9, 2013
9:11 PM

We have been very cynical about the Boston media’s depiction of Aisling Brady McCarthy, given the fact that Brady McCarthy was residing in this country illegally when she was charged with the murder of a little baby, but when compared with other high-profile Boston cases (including the latest one involving the Boston Marathon bombing), Brady McCarthy’s immigration status rarely gets mentioned, and when it does, that fact is always buried in stories.

The latest news about Brady McCarthy’s murder trial confirms that the Boston media double standard continues as the following screen shot from local station WCVB shows:


So, to summarize: the immigration status of the Boston Marathon bombers was front and center in the Boston media, but when it comes to a nanny who allegedly killed a baby, immigration status is not an issue.

This double standard needs to stop.