Is “La Comay” Returning? Seriously?

May 29, 2013
8:14 PM

Before writing this story, we stopped for a minute to check that it was April 1, but it is not, it is May 29, and according to Puerto Rico’s El Vocero, there is a suggestion from Héctor Travieso that a new “more improved” “La Comay” show will return to the airwaves with , after the #1-rated “SuperXclusivo” show was dropped by Puerto Rico’s WAPA-TV this past January, as a result of an unprecedented push on social media sparked by the show’s controversial puppet character (played by Kobbo Santarrosa) and Travieso.


This is what El Vocero reported today: Travieso went on Puerto Rico’s 99.1 FM to discuss the very likely return of the show, suggesting that it will not only be broadcast in Puerto Rico, but also in the United States.

“Do you have any doubt that ‘La Comay’ will not return?” Travieso said in Spanish. “I don’t have any doubt. The Comay’s show had a 30+ rating.” Travieso suggested that La Comay’s replacement, “Lo sé todo,” can barely get a 13 rating.

According to the report, Travieso said that the new project Santarrosa is working on is almost completed, and that the project is “near a detailed contract with an important television channel.”

“I can’t deny nor confirm anything. The person who conducts the negotiations is Kobbo,” Travieso said. He also told the radio hosts that when the show does return, it will not only “paralyze Puerto Rico, but also dozens of Hispanic city in the United States.” The only three networks with presence in Puerto Rico and the United States are WAPA with WAPA América, Puerto Rico TV with Puerto Network, and Mega TV. Earlier this year, there was talk that Mega would try to revive the show.

“La Comay has no other option than to return. She needs to return because the people need her,” Travieso said. Also, when asked about whether “Lo sé todo” and one of its hosts, Pedro Juan Figueroa, should be worried, Travieso said this, “If I were him, I would be worried. If I were him, I would be in my town church, talking with the priest and confessing so that he could end his days confessing.”

Travieso also shared these “SuperXClusivo” hotlines, 787-643-4441, 787-638-4444 and 787-648-4444, where listeners can hear the voice of La Comay saying that she will return “more improved” and asking that people let her share her “bochinche” (“gossip”). According to the article, those telephone numbers belong to Santarrosa’s production company and not WAPA.