Tallahassee Restaurant Offers “Border Patrol” Dish for Breakfast

Jun 8, 2013
8:34 PM

We know, we know. Sometimes we should chuckle a bit, and that might be the case here after a reader sent us a picture of a menu item from The Bada Bean restaurant in Tallahassee, FL. The item is called “The Border Patrol,” a Healthy Start dish with “two egg whites, chopped avocado, and tomato grilled together, topped with salsa (sour cream on the side), served with a warm tortilla.” All for $6.99.


As we suspected, some will find offense, some will think it is funny, and some just say it is lame. And hey, there is a “Skinny Dom” dish with “egg whites, turkey bacon, grilled mushrooms, fresh spinach and parmesan cheese in a wrap” for $6.99 as well.

Looking at the menu some more, there is a “Pablo Gaviria” item with “black beans, tomatoes, jalepeños, monterey jack cheese and a secret blend of seasonings inside, salsa and sour cream on top” for $9.99, a “Carlos the Jackal” dish of “onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, jalepenos, and monterey jack cheese and topped with salsa and sour cream” for $9.99 as well. If you care to know, both those items are labeled as “spicy.” Then you can go “Gangsta’ Style” and “be the boss:” “Pick any three ingredients for $7.29 or add additional items for $.75 each.” Don’t forget “Pedro’s Mexican Fiesta” of “onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, sausage, homefries mixed with two scrambled eggs on crispy tortilla covered in cheese served with a side of salsa and sour cream!” all for $8.99.


Sure, the place also carries speciality sandwiches, like the “Al Capone” and the “Benito Mussolini,” so we get that The Bada Bean is being funny. But we do wonder why the “biscuits and gravy” are just called “biscuits and gravy.” And the “Southern Fried Steak” is BEGGING to be called a “KKK Special.” You would think a little Black Southern humor would have been used and that the bagel dishes are just bagel dishes and don’t seem to poke fun at Jewish traditions, but it’s ok to say server “Border Patrol” to people. You’re right, we’re being way too sensitive.

To each his own, we guess. Still… tt does make one wonder.