The Politics of Nativist Rhetoric: “Open Border Mobs” and “Illegal Alien Invasions”

Jun 17, 2013
10:16 AM

You don’t think words matter? You don’t think people like Michelle Malkin and Rep. Steve King aren’t strategically using words and labels to whip up the desperate nativist fervor in the United States of America? Last week, the Twitter profile Rep. King was sharing the Iowa congressman’s disgust that a bunch of young people (“self-professed illegal aliens”) had “invaded” his D.C. office. It was beyond ridiculous.

Via @maricelaguilar

Via @maricelaguilar

Now this morning we have Malkin playing the game as well. Her latest Twitchy piece shockingly claims that “Open borders mob descends on home of Kansas Secretary of State.” That Kansas Secretary of State is none other than Kris Kobach, the same Kobach who was dressed down in Congress earlier this year. The same Kobach who is one of the architects behind many of the country’s most restrictive immigration laws. Kris Kobach, to put it mildly, ain’t that popular with many Latinos, or with immigration activists, as well as those who want to stop the deportation and separation of families. But why would Malkin tell you that? Enough said.


Yet, if you read Malkin’s piece, we are now being exposed to a “mob” that demonstrated in front of Kobach’s house. That they were trespassing private property. Kind of like when ICE does the same things to families? Yeah, look at this “mob.” They look so dangerous.

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And the tweets that were shared were so violent and hateful:

Then there is this “conclusion” by Twitchy: “If you didn’t think that the thug-style tactics of ‘delivering a message’ through mob intimidation were the Kansas way, we have news for you: that border’s wide open, and we’re all living in Chicago now.”

Whatever that means.

Here’s the scoop: Malkin is freaked out because people in places like Kansas are finally speaking out against Kobach, who is seen by many as a dying voice in the immigration debate. If Malkin knew anything about the situation in Kansas (and she doesn’t), she would know that the group that organized this visit to Kobach’s home, Sunflower Community Action, has been protesting against Kobach for a while.

That wasn’t a “mob.” This was just a group of committed people who are expressing their right to free speech to say that enough is enough. But hey, we get it, Malkin has to craft a narrative to keep her nativist fans thinking that she is still relevant. Times are changing, Michelle. Get used to it.