GOYA to Correct Factual Error on Roberto Clemente Statue But Still Mum on Logo Placement

Jul 2, 2013
11:26 AM

Yesterday Latino Rebels reached out to Rafael Toro, head of public relations at GOYA Foods to discuss a factual error on the base of the new Roberto Clemente statue at a state park in the Bronx, as well as reaction about the placement of a GOYA logo at the bottom of the statue. A GOYA employee who works in Toro’s public relations department said that Toro was out on vacation this week, but that GOYA executive did check in with her last night about our requests for comment. In a phone call the GOYA employee had with Toro, he told her to relay the message to us that factual error about Clemente’s 3,000th hit is being corrected and it will take between “one to two weeks.” The current statue lists September 29, 1972 as the date when Clemente got his 3,00th hit, when the correct date was September 30, 1972. In the two-minute conversation Toro had with the GOYA employee, he said the correction will need to get sandblasted, fixed, and polished.


When we asked if GOYA Foods will also be doing anything to remove the logo at the bottom of the statue, the public relations employee could not say, since she told us that Toro did not address this. She did tell us that she can schedule a meeting with us and Toro next Thursday July 11 to discuss this matter.