Urban Outfitters to Remove Unauthorized UFW Logo Shirts from Product Line

Aug 5, 2013
8:23 PM

That was quick.

Earlier today Voto Latino posted a picture on its Facebook taken at an Urban Outfitters. Reaction was intense, to put it mildly. (Whole story here.)

Tonight the UFW tweeted the following to us:


The UFW also followed up with an email to us:

UFW attorneys sent a Cease and Desist letter to Urban Outfitters and their public relations manager said they were in the process of removing the shirt from all their stores and website.

We also reached out to Urban Outfitters for comment about why it thought putting the UFW logo on a shirt and marketing it without permission. Urban Outfitters did post the following comment on the Voto Latino Facebook page tonight as well:

It is never our intention to appropriate a culture or infringe on trademarked material. Urban Outfitters takes these matters very seriously, therefor, we have taken action to have the Koto Cross-Stitch Denim Button-Down shirt removed immediately from our stores and our website. Urban Outfitters is currently working with the UFW directly to rectify this matter.

As for the UFW? Guess it learned a little bit from last year’s Budweiser craziness.