Is Telemundo PR Thinking of Bringing Back “La Comay” to Puerto Rican Television?

Aug 11, 2013
12:07 PM

UPDATE, 3:00 pm EST: The president of Telemundo PR has responded to our founder’s request for comment, calling the rumors “false and absurd.” He also threatened to notify his security team as a result of that request.

This morning the Facebook page of Boicot a La Comay, the social media community that successfully campaigned to remove Puerto Rico’s “SuperXclusivo” show from WAPA TV this past January, posted the following news in Spanish:


ALERT: Our sources tell us that Telemundo PR is possibly negotiating with Kobbo Santarrosa to return to TV.

We said it before and we will repeat it again: if true, this boycott will follow [Santarrosa] wherever you go. No truce.

We demand that Telemundo and its president José Cancela confirm whether or not it is negotiating with Kobbo Santarrosa.

If so, we want to let Telemundo that we will not allow Santarrosa and his hatred, intolerance and thirst for revenge to return to Puerto Rican television. No turning back.

We did reach out to Cancela for comment. Stay tuned for more developments.