The Steve King “Pendejo Tour” Continues: Now Latin Americans Are “More Violent”

Aug 13, 2013
12:50 PM

Steve King is officially America’s #1 Pendejo.

Yes, this is what the Republican congressman from Iowa, he of the cantaloupe legs and immigrants are like dogs comments, decided to take his neo-nativist ways on the road this month.

Granted, not many people showed up.

Via America's Voice Facebook

Via America’s Voice Facebook

However, as POLITICO reports, here is what King said:

He began his nearly half-hour speech here arguing against immigration reform, claiming societies tended to become more violent as one moved further south in Latin America.

“Now think what that is,” King said to the 60 or so attendees at the rally. “If you bring people from a violent civilization into a less-violent civilization, you’re going to have more violence right? It’s like pouring hot water into cold water, does it raise the temperature or not?”


As for the rest of the story, King actually talked with POLITICO, because we guess that happens when no one shows up to your speech:

King told POLITICO that he wasn’t directing a specific message toward his leadership, despite entering Cantor’s home turf. He just believes that he is a man standing on principle while many of his fellow Republicans “have had a spell cast over them” following the 2012 elections, where the GOP took a drubbing from the Latino electorate.

“A year ago, almost everybody in my conference agreed with me,” King said in an interview. “There’s been no spell cast over me. “

Republican leaders are reluctant to talk about King’s broader role in the immigration reform fight. Cantor’s office declined to comment specifically on the rally in his neighborhood Monday, instead pointing to No. 2 House Republican’s recent Fox News interview where he said the House would be a “lot more deliberative and smart” than the Senate’s approach.

These awesome new town halls no is attending so far, according to POLIICO, have been organized “by the so-called “Stop Amnesty Tour” will also wind through Harrisburg, Pa.; Dallas; Toledo, Ohio; and South Carolina during the August recess. King hopes to attend those rallies, too. Other groups involved in the effort include the Tea Party Patriots and the Eagle Forum.”