The Ted Cruz Spin Begins: Canada Is Not a Foreign Country, So It Doesn’t Matter

Aug 26, 2013
6:18 PM

Come on. This is actually happening now that Texas senator Ted Cruz has had to address his Canadian past and the fact that he was indeed born in Calgary, but then said he wasn’t a dual citizen and that he was really just a U.S. citizen.


Here is what Ted Cruz’s supporters are saying. Take, for example, Cruz supporter Christina Katok, who according to a local report, believe that President Obama was not eligible to run for President in 2008 because “he was born in Kenya and therefore wasn’t a ‘natural born’ American.” This is what Katok said about Cruz and his being born in Canada, as reported by The Texas Tribune:

“As far as I’m concerned, Canada is not really foreign soil,” she said. Katok said she was more disturbed by Obama’s “strong ties to Kenya,” the African country where his father was born. She also said she didn’t like the fact that Obama did not release his long-form birth certificate during the 2008 race.
Cruz, who recently released his Canadian birth certificate, is at least “up front about it,” she said.

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By the way, Cruz did not “grow up in Texas” all his life, like he said. He lived in Calgary until he was four years old.