#NoMames: The Daily Caller Equates “Illegal Immigrants” to Two Dudes in Mariachi Outfits

Sep 3, 2013
11:05 PM

It’s pretty clear that The Daily Caller is basically being run by a bunch of clueless pendejos, since this supposed bastion of independent political journalism is just getting sloppy. And racist.

Where do we start? Let’s just explain. Today TDC’s Education Editor Eric Owens wrote a story about how UCLA’s student government unanimously resolved to call for the eradication of the phrase “illegal immigrant.”

Such a story is not so shocking, since if Owens and TDC did actual reporting, they would know that it is pretty common for a bunch of college kids to rethink language, and it’s not like the flipping Associated Press did the same thing this year.

Yet you do wonder why Owens wrote the story and why he would agree to have the following image be the picture that accompanies the article:


So let’s get this straight: Owens writes a story about UCLA and the use of “illegal immigrant,” and someone at TDC says, “Hey, I have the best image for this! Why don’t we run a picture of people holding angry signs about the illegal people next to some dudes in mariachi outfits? And how cool would it be that those dudes also wear really wide sombreros, you know, like all those Mexicans wear? Because, all mariachi guys are illegal! Har! Har! Har! Pass the brandy, Biff!”

Yes, we know that TDC is just TDC, and they really don’t care, but come on, this is just lazy and straight-up ignorant. But what do you expect from a page that has not one, but two auto-ads about Spanish on the same story about how UCLA students are just a bunch of liberal whiners. Yes, the following two images are on the same page as the “illegal immigrant” story:



We don’t get it. TDC runs a story that mocks the whole PC vibe of UCLA for eliminating a term such as “illegal immigrants,” but they you run two ads about Spanish? What are Owens and TDC trying to tell us?

This is what we want to tell them:

(h/t Roque Planas)