The Most Illogically Bizarre Immigration Reform Story We Have Ever Written

Sep 10, 2013
12:26 AM

What started as an online share of a Breitbart piece falsely claiming that Dream Activist was actively telling young DREAMers to purposely lie about their immigration status has led to a complicated web of accusations and attacks lobbied against several Dream Activist leaders, according to tweets and links shared by the immigrant rights’ group.

That tweet took us to the following story by Tequila Party founder Dee Dee Blase Garcia, who wrote the following about Prerna Lal, a Dream Activist founder:

Prerna Lal’s immigration views do not represent Mexican-American voters and our views with regard to Comprehensive Legal Immigration Reform. American voters have a responsibility to shape policy direction. Earlier this morning, Brietbart [sic] wrote an article highlighting the founders of with the below story:

The story Blase Garcia included? The very same Breitbart piece that was already proven to be misleading and inaccurate by immigration lawyer David Leopold, the same David Leopold who had sided with Blase Garcia on a HuffPost Live segment about the #Dream9, the group of nine undocumented individuals who entered the U.S. to protest the record-breaking deportations of President Obama.


Are you still with us?

Now, Leopold had been critical of the #Dream9, but his comments pretty much discrediting the Brietbart piece got the following tweet from Dream Activist:

Yet, that didn’t stop Blase Garcia from continuing to use Breitbart as her source about why Dream Activist was bad for America. Just a few paragraphs after quoting the first inaccurate Breitbart piece, the Tequila Party founder wrote that Dream Activist were just anti-American and extremists. Her proof?

Another Breitbart piece by the same writer who wrote the first Breitbart piece that Leopold had already discredited. This new piece reported that Lal had tweeted in July (yes, July) that “that people should not ‘mess with Fijians’ since she claimed that Fijians had killed, roasted, and eaten ‘white invaders’ in the past.” Granted, no one at Breitbart bothered to report that Lal is actually married to a white woman, although it did say that the Twitter profile being targeted no longer exists and all the tweets were deleted.

What is interesting to note is: why now? Why did Breitbart decide to publish a story about a sarcastic tweet that was 1) already deleted; 2) part of an account that no longer exists; and 3) two months old? Interestingly, the Breitbart piece did not report much about Lal’s new Twitter profile, because it is now private. Nonetheless, Dream Activist’s Twitter shared the following comments with us:

Earlier in the summer, the Tequila Party’s Facebook page called Dream Activist leader Mohammad Abdollahi “an Arabic (DREAM Act) Student that does not represent the voice of millions of Mexican-American voters.” Abdollahi is originally from Iran, and is not Arabic. Why say “Arabic?”


Meanwhile, a Daily Kos piece written by “A Dose of Tequila” included the following:

Far right wing media outlets like Brietbart already appear to be anti-Mexican but they also have intentions to use a couple of radical leaders who refer to our Nation as “Amerikkka” or  have anti-white views as the poster children for the DREAM Act even though they know damned well most of the DREAM Act students have pledged their allegiance to our Nation and are aspiring to become contributing Americans of our society.  Wouldn’t it make sense for the far right wing media outlets to highlight the patriotic students who want to achieve the American dream while contributing talents or the education they received here?
Why are the far right wing Conservative media outlets choosing the two most extreme radicals that have opposing views of reasonable DREAMers and/or the Mexican-American voter?  It is a well known fact that the fight is for legal immigration reform that includes a pathway to citizenship.

The post by “A Dose of Tequila” shared “proof” that Lal and Abdollahi had voted for Mitt Romney and were the reason why immigration reform had not passed in Congress yet. (Not the six-week Congressional recess or talk about Syria). The post also said that Dream Activist was staging actions to solicit donations. The Tequila post on Kos also included this:

We are keenly aware that the Gang of Eight Comprehensive Immigration Reform passed the Democratic controlled Senate and we have a hurdle yet to overcome via the Republican Controlled House of Representatives. Extreme views will be used by anti-immigrant folks and they will take every opportunity to use bad examples to make it harder for us to convince moderate Republicans to be a part of a CIR bipartisanship deal.
Since undocumented immigrants cannot vote, it is up to us — the American voter to do our best to see a Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill signed by President Obama. We know that the bill will not be perfect and we know and understand a compromise has to be made in an effort to convince the GOP Controlled house of representatives.
We are at the point where we want to see our fellow man who has been living in the shadows come out with his/her head up high taking a sigh of relief knowing they no longer have to hide anymore.

So this is what we think is going on. Pro-immigration reform supporters of an imperfect bill that emphasizes security over humanity are using several inaccurate Breitbart articles against comprehensive immigration reform as the basis of a theory that the two DREAMErs who are pushing for a better version of the imperfect immigration bill are really against the current bill and against President Obama. So, who is for Obama and who is against him? Galindo and Blase Garcia? Breitbart? Who knows, but we do know that this has truly become “tomfoolery” and right now, more than 1,100 people are still getting deported each day in the U.S.

But let’s keep taking screen grabs of the social media comments of two DREAMers to prove that they are bringing down comprehensive immigration reform bill, and let’s use the news outlet that is AGAINST the bill as out main source.

Yes, that is what we have become here.