The Ugly Racial Side of Floyd Mayweather’s Win Over Canelo Álvarez

Sep 16, 2013
9:18 AM

UPDATE: People keep asking us, “Why did you write this piece?” It was a community pitch and conversation our group had here:

Original story here:

You would think that fans of Mexico’s Canelo Álvarez would have been a bit more classy after Floyd Mayweather soundly defeated the young fighter Saturday night in Vegas. Granted, we aren’t Mayweather fans, but we cannot ignore the fact that the controversial champion is 45-0 and is boxing’s best. We know that he is not a popular champion, but did the reaction to his win have to get so racial? Guess so, and while Twitter is buzzing because ignorant people are outraged that an Indian-American won Miss America, not many are talking about the blatant racism targeted at Mayweather for defeating a white red-headed kid from Mexico. Racism ruled the weekend on Twitter, and to be honest with you, it is an ugly secret that keeps getting ignored.