LATINO REBELS EXCLUSIVE: Music Video/Novela Series by Del Exilio (Chapter 2)

Sep 23, 2013
10:26 AM

You can catch Chapter 1 here.

Indie-inspired, Latin-hearted group Del Exilio brings you new music videos from their new album PANAMERICANO, blending telenovela episodes with traditional music videos.  Check out this web video series that captures the story of how an immigration reform revolution is sparked, and how a young man’s identity is transformed by a journey through North and South America. You can catch the full album here.


It’s the story of boy meets girl, loses girl, loses himself in a new land, then finds the will to start a revolution back home in the U.S., bringing about the advent of a long-awaited immigration reform. The songs follow his progress, thanks in part to the lush but funky touch of producer José Luis “Cheo” Pardo of Venezuela’s Los Amigos Invisibles.

We’ll be releasing these videos like telenovela episodes, with the first group being released every week, exclusively on Latino Rebels.

As a special “thank you” to our readers, the first 10 people who share each video on Facebook or Twitter and get 10 likes/favorites, send a screenshot to and you will get a free autographed CD!

And now, Chapter 2: 200%.

A glimpse into Fernando’s life before he made his fateful decision. He’s 100% American and 100% Latino. He’s… 200%