The PRI Social Media Guy Who Gets Paid More Than 50,000 Mexican Pesos Biweekly to Manipulate Trends and Harass Opponents

Sep 23, 2013
11:05 AM

We found this story from a local outlet in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo.

Looks like the state’s government has contracted a social media guy whose job is to create bots, manipulate trends and harass political opponents. And he gets good money for it, too: more than 50,000 Mexican pesos every two weeks, which comes out to about $4,000 US. Over a year, that’s around $104,000. Not a bad gig. And it would makes him the highest-paid guy in Quintana Roo’s government, next to the state’s governor, if he were an appointed official.



Here’s the scoop from (our translation), which published the news this summer:

With a salary of more than 50 thousand pesos every two weeks, Roberto Borge’s local government officially lists César Mortera Egremy on their payroll. This self-appointed president of the Quintana Roo Netizens National Movement is part of a group born during the 2012 federal elections under the auspices of the PRI to operate thousands of ‘bots’ used to create artificial trends and manipulate social networks to promote their candidates and governments. In Quintana Roo, these accounts have been used for the “dirty war” against opponents political, independent media, journalism critics and also against citizens who dare to express a different opinion.

The story adds:

The salary paid to Mortera Egremy exceeds that of a secretary of state and only trails the salary of the Governor himself, according to the salary schedule of the Government of Quintana Roo effective January 1, 2013.

Here’s a chart that lists other government salaries that NotiCaribe also published. Given this information, Mortera Egremy would be the #2 guy on the payroll.



The article also stated that Mortera Egremy’s Twitter profile to have bio where he clearly identified his title as being associated with the PRI and Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto, calling himseld the 2012 Social Media Coordinator for the Mexican president: “Politica 3.0 – SocialMedia • Presidente Estatal de @CibernautasPRI en QuintanaRoo • 2012 Coordinador de Campaña en Redes Sociales del Lic. @EPN – Ecologista – futurista.”

This is his profile now, which has close to 27,000 followers:


Mortera Ergemy is still active on Twitter, and yesterday he posted this (“Abusive people”):