#BringThemHome: Meet the DREAMers Protesting for Real Immigration Reform and End to Deportations

Sep 29, 2013
1:46 PM

Tomorrow 30 DREAMers will hold a second border protest to bring more attention to the growing inaction on immigration reform and a deportation policy by the Obama administration that has reached record highs.

While many will question why now, we take a moment a remind everyone that this is all about real lives and real people. While others tell people to stay patient about immigration reform and don’t rock the boat, what about these faces below? What do you tell them?


For a complete list of the people behind these images, go here. Or just click on their stories below.

DreamActivist: #BringThemHome: Pablo Vivas, Fulfilling a Dying Mothers Wish
DreamActivist: #BringThemHome: Alberto Peniche, Future Physiologist from Revere, MA
DreamActivist: #BringThemHome: Marcela, Forced to Leave Chicago to Care for Dying Grandmother
DreamActivist: #BringThemHome: Alfredo Cornejo Fights to Return to Marion, North Carolina
DreamActivist: #BringThemHome: Marco Pacheco, Fights to Return to Dallas, Texas
DreamActivist: #BringThemHome: Sandra: “Peru is Not Safe For Gay People”!
DreamActivist: #BringThemHome: Cesar Ortiz, Future Architect from Columbus, Ohio!
DreamActivist: #BringThemHome: Vidal:”Leaving Was a Mistake; Phoenix is My Home!
DreamActivist: #BringThemHome: Javier, 16, Fleeing Violence in Michoacan!
DreamActivist: #BringThemHome: Israel Rodriguez, Columbia Graduate, Fights to Come Home!
DreamActivist: #BringThemHome: Juan Manuel Roa “Two of my uncles were already kidnapped…”
DreamActivist: #BringThemHome: Ana Rojas, “They Attacked My Brother with a Machete!
DreamActivist: #BringThemHome: Georgia Misses Dreamer Jonathan!
DreamActivist: #BringThemHome: Lorena Vargas, Banned Until 2022!?!
DreamActivist: #BringThemHome: Edna Diaz, Visa Revoked, Deported and Banned for 5 Years”
DreamActivist: #BringThemHome: Brandol “Talamontes Murdered My Uncle!”
DreamActivist: #BringThemHome: Karen is Ready to Come Home & Face Arpaio!
DreamActivist: #BringThemHome: Edgar Torres – “Even the Police Extort us here!”

We hope you take the time to actual READ some of these stories we linked. This ain’t no publicity stunt, people. This is the real deal.