Colbert’s “Hispanic Heritage Month” Video Should Have Just Focused on FOX News

Oct 3, 2013
10:11 AM

Here’s the scoop with Colbert.


He would be so much better if he just cut to the chase. The point of the following video was all about FOX News and the whole “Children of the Corn” fiasco. It didn’t need the opening 90 seconds. Or a sombrero. Or a sarape.

The first part of the segment was just stupid. It is clear that Colbert needs a lesson or two about Latino culture. We challenge him to go deeper, be smarter, and not rely on the same old stereotype bits that we are so tired of seeing. Don’t guess us wrong, “Hispanic Heritage Month” does indeed suck, but did you have to add an “border fence” joke? That is the problem when you lack cultural knowledge of the topic. Miami Sound Machine, for example, is not Mexican music, but the other issue is that Colbert associates “Hispanic culture” with a Mexican one. It’s a bit more complicated, Esteban

Colbert should have just started with FOX News bit.

So F on the first part of the segment, and B+ on the second part.