Local Laredo News Video: Dreamers Sit-in at Rep. Henry Cuellar’s Office

Oct 3, 2013
2:46 PM

This is what Laredo local news reported last night about the #Dream30 sit-in at the local office of Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar (D). This local report did not mention the political contributions Cuellar receives from private prison companies that run immigration detention centers, which is causing many to question Cuellar’s intentions. If the video player is not working, click here.

Here is what the Laredo news report said Cuellar told the station:

This came after Cuellar told us last night that he was opposed to the methods used by what he called professional activists who support the Dreamers movement. He told us that minors are being put at risk to make a political statement – a point today’s visitors don’t agree with.


It also added this:

We were not allowed inside Cuellar’s office while this happened today. Cuellar later held a telephone call with the activists.

“We got on a video conference. I spent time with them in the middle of this government shutdown,” said Cuellar. “And then they walked out and they had a sit-in in my office in Laredo. If you talk to somebody and they say they understand and they do a professional sit-down, then there is a problem.”

We were informed this afternoon by a leader of a dreamers that a Sheriff’s deputy arrived later. The participants were escorted out but not arrested. The activists say they will be back tomorrow.

As of today 9 of the 36 who publicly crossed the border have been released, including minors and their parents. The others are being held at a detention center in El Paso.