While Researching Our Washington Football Team Story, We Came Across the “Cotton Pickers”

Oct 10, 2013
8:43 AM

So, we were middle of doing a piece about Dan Snyder’s open letter defending the team name of his Washington NFL franchise, when we came across this tweet from @sakerocket: “@AllbrightNFL @NFLosophy do you guys think this is more offensive than redskins or rebels?”


Twitter: @sakerocket

Yes, Robstown High School in Corpus Christi, TX, is known as the “Cotton Pickers.” One post from 2012 said it best: “Interesting fact: Texas leads the U.S. in cotton production. Another interesting fact: “Cotton pickers” does not evoke images of the modern booming cotton industry. It’s why this country doesn’t call its subways ‘underground railroads.'”

And yes, the Cotton Pickers have an online store, too.


By the way, that 2012 post has a few other team names that have us scratching our heads.