Are You F-ing Kidding Us? Actual Post Celebrates Underwear for Hispanic Heritage Month

Oct 15, 2013
8:34 AM

We really thought that the silliness of pandering for Hispanic Heritage Month would go away, but apparently not.

Move over, FOX News, there’s a new #NoMames candidate for dumbness.



A post from explains:

Today, October 15, marks the end of Hispanic Heritage month in the U.S. The month, which actually falls in between September and October, celebrates the accomplishments and culture of men and women who trace their ancestry to Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. Underwear is one area that has been highly influenced by Latin culture — one of the most popular styles of swimwear this past summer was the sunga, which has origins in Brazil, while the underwear brand, Papi, created a line of Hispanic Heritage underwear this year. The company was founded at a time when Hispanic brands didn’t have much representation, but today, there are many who wave their Hispanic flags proud.

WTF. We’re not hating on the guys here, but seriously?

(h/t @hispanictips)