#NoMames: CNBC Reporter Asks for Mexican Music to Be Played for Ted Cruz

Oct 23, 2013
11:39 AM

Come on, people.

As reported by The Hill: “CNBC reporter Steve Liesman on Tuesday asked for Mexican music to be played when he and his colleagues talked about Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas).”



This just needs to stop. Don’t you all know that Cruz is Canadian? But seriously, Cruz is of Cuban descent. And yes, not all Latinos are Mexican. The networks need to just paste that memo on everyone’s wall. Hit it, Gollum.

FYI, Liesman has since apologized (yes, you did offend people):

Regarding my recent remark on Squawk Box regarding Senator Ted Cruz, I first want to deeply and sincerely apologize if my remarks were insensitive.

Second, I want to explain that it was not intended to be offensive in any way.

I thought of him only as an American senator from Texas, and in an attempt, on the fly, to choose music representing that state, I chose Mexican music.

As a musician for many decades, I’ve played and listened to tons of Texas songs infused with Mexican themes. A better choice would have been Country/Western or Texas Roadhouse Blues – it was a bad reach all the way around.

And btw, that apology sucked.