Update from NIYA: 12 of Remaining #Dream30 to be Released Tonight

Oct 29, 2013
8:20 PM

We received this updated tonight from the National Immigrant Youth Alliance (NIYA).


NATIONAL—The National Immigrant Youth Alliance has heard that twelve of the #Dream30 will be released tonight. We are urging our supporters to keep up their efforts to support the remaining Dreamers, who are awaiting hearings before an Immigration Judge.

Raul Juarez of New York, Edna Flores of Arizona, Israel Rodriguez of North Carolina, Giselle Gomez of South Carolina, Jesus Gutierrez of Pennsylvania, Marco Pacheco of Texas, Leonardo Contreras of New York, Pablo Vivas of California, Lorena Vargas of Arizona, Marcela Espinoza of Illinois, Sandra Paloma of California, Vidal Francisco of Arizona, will be released today.

A staffer within a Republican congressional office who inquired on the status of the cases was informed that they would be released today and relayed the information to the National Immigrant Youth Alliance while our members were in DC lobbying members of Congress to support the #Dream30.

Rocio Hernandez was deported this morning after her request for a stay of removal was denied. Her attorney was not informed until she was already on the plane. Her mother has said “her heart has dropped.”

Several male detainees, including some of the #Dream30, have gone on hunger strike inside El Paso Processing Center. ICE took them to medical officials, requesting an order to force-feed them. Doctors at the facility said that their vitals were fine, and refused ICE’s request to force-feed them.

Representative Zoe Lofgren mentioned Rocio’s case in her request that the Obama Administration use its discretionary powers. Lofgren said in a written letter of support: “Most of these cases are awaiting a decision by an asylum officer, but I am told that two of these individuals, Rocio Hernandez and Erika Isaura Guzman Mata, were recently found not to have a credible fear of persecution and are awaiting a decision by an Immigration Judge,” reads a statement from Lofgren. “I would ask that each of these cases be given a thorough review and that you consider using your considerable discretionary authority to allow these young people to be released from detention and returned to their loved ones. Our broken immigration system has separated far too many families, including those of Rocio and Erika.”

On Thursday, an Immigration Judge overturned DHS’s decision on Erika, suggesting that the administration is applying an unusually high standard of credible fear toward the Dreamers, hoping to discourage them from trying to come home.

The Obama Administration could release the remaining Dreamers at any time, but has chosen not to do so. We will continue to fight until all Dreamers have a pathway home.