An Estimated 2,000 Puerto Ricans March in Defense of Island’s Plebiscite Results

Nov 7, 2013
10:53 PM

SAN JUAN—On Wednesday November 6 2013, around 2,000 Puerto Ricans from different backgrounds and political affiliations marched through Old San Juan to pressure the local government to act on the results of last year’s plebiscite. The activity was organized by Boricua ¡Ahora Es! (BAE), led by Ricardo Rosselló, son of former governor Pedro Rosselló, and a possible New Progressive Party (PNP) candidate for governor.


CREDIT: Boricua ¡Ahora Es! (BAE)

The activity was held at night during a rain storm and with no political parties helping to mobilize march members. Analysts were amazed at the amount of people that showed up. Many of the PNP leaders refused to endorse the activity, largely in part because statehood proponent Pedro Pierluisi, the party’s president and main candidate for governor, has been wary of Rosselló’s popularity with the PNP base and youth.

The march began on Dos Hermanos bridge, headed to the Supreme Court, and then proceeded to the Capitol building, where legislative sessions are now being held at night due to a law that changed how the legislature operates. It concluded near La Fortaleza, where pro-commonwealth Governor Alejandro García Padilla resides.


CREDIT: Boricua ¡Ahora Es! (BAE)

According to El Vocero newspaper, BAE, along with StarPac, a political action committee also headed by Rosselló, paid for an ad broadcasted mainly in mainland cities such as New York, Miami, Orlando, Philadelphia, Chicago, Tampa Bay and Washington, DC.


CREDIT: Boricua ¡Ahora Es! (BAE)

“With its inaction, Puerto Rico’s government has ignored the people, but we continue getting to where we need to send this message,” Rosselló told El Vocero during the march.