Five Things We Love About Our New Favorite Depeche Mode Cover Band from Bogotá

Nov 9, 2013
3:28 PM

Last night a fan sent us a link about DMK, a very cool and different cover band from Bogotá, Colombia. The group has been around a while, and a few of their videos have gone viral, so when it came to learning more about them, we didn’t have to do much.

And now we love them even more.

Here’s why:

It’s a family affair. As their Facebook page says, the band consists of “Dicken Schrader (the old one), Milah Schrader (the cute one), and Korben Schrader (the rebel).

A Colombia that rarely gets seen here in the US. Sure beats the Sofía Vergara crap we got force fed every week.


This is a bit more real, more authentic.

Maybe people will finally get that Latinos and alternative music from the 80s are a perfect match. Less Pitbull and J-Lo, more this. And try to find a Smiths cover band with a Mexican American singer as well while you’re at? Oh, wait there is one, and they’re called “Sweet and Tender Hooligans.”

They have a lot of cool YouTube videosOver 4 million views and growing.

They give us joy. It is just refreshing to see something original that we have never seen before, even though the rest of the world might already know about them. Such is the happiness of the internet. You find something new every day.