FOX Greenlights Seth MacFarlane’s “Bordertown” Animated Series

Nov 12, 2013
7:13 PM

Update: yeah, we shared new info about this. See below.

We got this one from from a fan:

So we checked it out, and we read that Seth MacFarlane will be producing a new show next season for FOX called “Bordertown.”


This is what the LA Times said:

MacFarlane will be an executive producer of the show alongside its writer and “Family Guy” producer Mark Hentemann. Alex Carter (“Family Guy”) and Dan Vebber (“America Dad,” “Futurama”) are also on board as co-executive producers.

“Bordertown” cracks wise on the hot-button topic of immigration. It takes place in a fictional Texas town and follows the travails of a border patrol agent named Bud Buckwald. The married father of three lives next door to a Mexican immigrant family of six headed by hardworking Ernesto Gonzales.

Needless to say, plenty of politically incorrect jokes are sure to follow.

Great, just great. What the world really needs. An immigration humor cartoon by a privileged white guy who will probably think this is all witty.

We doubt MacFarlane will add anything of value to this world. What else would you expect from him, especially with the joke writers he already has.

Let’s hope our dear friend Lalo Alcaraz can steer people the right way on this one, but right now the jury is still out, although Lalo weighed in on this post and it’s cool. Like he writes:

By the way, the writer’s room has FOUR actual Chicanos/Mexican-Americans in it. I’d like to see any network TV show top that.

The creator of Bordertown and I have the same goal: To craft a show full of social and political satire about the changing demographic nature of the USA. If you’ve read any of my work in the past, you know that I am not afraid of rude and non-PC material…as long as it has a point.

And while everyone is telling us to chill out, tell the Atlantic to calm down as well.