Sexy Latinas Sell the News and “Stuff” This Past Week: Why?

Nov 12, 2013
8:13 AM

This past week saw an unusual number of news stories covering the “sexiness” of Latinas to sell both products and/or news stories. Yes, sex sells, we all know the concept, but there is real news out there about Latinas that doesn’t involve sex or the curves of their Latina bodies. From Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara, Selena Gomez, Naya Rivera, the Latinas in the Miss Universe competition to the new Miss Universe Venezuelan Gabriela Isler, the sexier the words and/or images of these Latinas are, the better it seems.

Here are just some of the more blatant examples of what I mean.

Sexy Latina Headlines and Stories

These crowd pleasers at the Huffington Post Latino Voices were featured in the most popular section:

And these two headlines about Selena Gomez from Huffington Post’s entertainment section:

Even though Sofia Vergara will appear in a series of ads alongside her family as the new face for Head and Shoulders the matter of her body was still raised.

Then Focus on the Missing Curves of the Jennifer Lopez Barbie from Mattel

Latina News

There is substantive Latina news out there that doesn’t require teasing seductive headlines or sexy photos. For example here are 10 stories from last week from business to culture to politics and more that represent Latinas in the news and paint a better picture of Latinas in the world.

This story from the New York Times prompted me to write this piece. Mannequins Give Shape to a Venezuelan Fantasy – an Exaggerated Vision of the Female Form