Dear Fusion: You Invited Us to Your Newsroom, So When Will That Be Happening?

Nov 19, 2013
10:39 AM

So a few weeks ago, we penned an open letter to the new Fusion channel that kind of went viral. The response to it was incredible, especially from those who actually felt the same way that we did. We still stand by what we wrote. We always will.


A week after we wrote the letter, Fusion CEO Isaac Lee wrote us back via the channel’s Tumblr page. It was a nice response, and it was really cool of Lee to take the time and connect with us. The tone of the letter was respectful, warm (he closed with “Abrazos”), and positive. Granted, we don’t agree 100% with what Lee wrote , but still, he wrote it, was transparent about it, and we were pleased that a possible new dialogue was happening.

Instead of dissecting Lee’s letter to us (we will leave that up to you), we did notice that he concluded his very thoughtful response with this:

We couldn’t do this without people like you, and we are serious about having you stop by Newsport for a visit. We think you’d have as much fun as we do every day.

We would love to visit and have actually tweeted and DM’d both Lee and the Fusion account several times to see when we can plan for something. Maybe they’re busy, but we have yet to hear anything from them, not even a “let’s get back to you.” In this digital world, you are only as good as the promises you make, and we are just asking Lee and Fusion (once again), “When can we visit?” You tell us. We can have several Rebeldes down there since we think it’s important for you and others to realize that this group is a collective of people, and not just one voice or individual.

Do you want to know why we do what we do? Let’s just say this: it is nothing like you have ever seen in the sense that we don’t plan anything, don’t take ourselves seriously as well, and are blessed to have the most loyal and intelligent social media community in the Latino space today.

Here’s hoping Fusion follows through on its invitation, because right now, all we hear from them are crickets. Let’s not hear any more crickets. Let’s have a real conversation, face to face. You can meet the Rebeldes and we can tell you a thing or two about how to be a real, unfiltered voice in this crazy world we call media.