Why Did Univision’s República Deportiva Delete MLS Cup Pic of Senadoras in Sexy Pocahontas Costumes?

Nov 24, 2013
5:06 PM

We take a break on Sunday and come back to some good old-fashioned sexism and cultural appropriation, Univision style. Looks like the folks at the network were having a little fun today on Twitter.

It started with this tweet sent to us:

With reactions:

By the time we checked out the tweet and the pic, the image was no longer on Twitter.

It was deleted. So we asked what the fuss was all about.

A few Twitter searches later and we found this tweet from one of the Senadoras, Alba Galindo: “No more no less than being the Indian. With the purpose of celebrating Thanksgiving.”


And this as well: “Look at how we are going to be dressed as. So you CAN’T miss @repdeportiva a 11 AM ET.”


So we shared that in our Twitter thread, and got this as a reply:

Yeah, ignorance knows no culture, and Univision is a bad as they come when it comes to this type of crap.

And guess what? The Internet is forever. This is the pic that was deleted from Twitter,showing the Senadoras with the MLS Cup.


Apparently the initial reaction from an MLS employee is meh. Here is what the Twitter profile of its Corporate Communications VP tweeted out today:

And this as well:

We are wondering if Courtemanche actually pays attention to the initiatives his league promotes?