Now The Twitter Ignoranti Hating on Pitbull… And We’re Defending Him

Nov 25, 2013
9:06 AM

Who knew that we would be defending Pitbull? But yeah, that is what happening after the Twitter ignoranti could not believe that Pitbull was hosting last night’s AMAs. How could a (gasp!) MEXICAN be on TV? Yup, people that is what happened last night.


You can read more of the dumbness here, although this is our favorite one of the bunch:

And yeah, Pitbull (horrors!) speaks Spanish too!

By the way, gotta give it up to this profile, who kept tweeting this to anyone who shared the Pitbull hate:

We like the defense, but just a reminder: Pitbull isn’t “technically American.” He was was born in the U.S., so he IS American.

Don’t worry, Mr. 305 (REAL NAME: Armando Christian Pérez, born in Miami in 1981). We got your back on this one. In the end, we don’t like your music, but still… you hosted the AMAs and people who question your “Americaness” are just pendejos.