MLS to “Refrain From Providing Comment” on Univision Pocahontas Models Posing with MLS Cup

Nov 26, 2013
9:51 am

This past Sunday we got a tweet tip about a photo taken on the set of Univision’s “República Deportiva” showing the popular sports program’s two Senadora models dressed in Pocahontas outfits next to the MLS Cup.

After finding out that the photo was deleted from Twitter (and no one knows why), we were able to still find the image, pictured below. On the left is Alba Galindo and on the right is Carolina Macallister. They are both dressed in hypersexualized Pocahontas costumes, and from what we can gather (based on Galindo’s tweets), they dressed like that because it was Thanksgiving.


As they say, the optics are not that good for MLS, at least that is what people who are familiar with the league have told us. In conversations we had with sources, the picture above was not taken by Univision or “República Deportiva,” it was taken by an individual contracted by the MLS to do press and promotion.

So we reached out to MLS yesterday (we have removed any personal contact information on this thread):

We noticed that MLS EVP of Corporate Comm tweeted some reaction, but we were hoping to connect with someone, since we have information that the photo was actually taken by a MLS press person contracted by the league and not Univision.

We have a few questions and we’re hoping to talk with someone this morning.

This is what we got back:

We appreciate your inquiry and interest in Major League Soccer. We will refrain from providing comment on this topic.

Best regards,


Dan Courtemanche
Executive Vice President, Communications
Major League Soccer

So we followed up:

Thank you. Is there a reason why you choose to refrain from commenting on this topic? We have a source saying that an MLS press person under contract by the league took the picture, it was posted on the Univision Rep Dep Twitter and then it was deleted.

Is this accurate? Was the picture taken and sanctioned/approved by MLS?

Am just doing my job and following up as to why the picture was deleted, who deleted it, did MLS ask it to be delete it and why did an MLS contracted press person take the picture in the first place.

Ok we will report that since we have confirmation that the photo came from an MLS contractor doing press and not from Univision. We will then report than MLS has refrained from comment as your email states. Thanks.

And we will refer to your tweets as well as other MLS tweets about this. Thank you for your help.

The reply we got back:

Thank you.

Dan Courtemanche
Executive Vice President, Communications
Major League Soccer

For the record this is what Courtemanche tweeted out on Sunday:

Part of the criticism directed at MLS has to do with its’ “Don’t Cross the Line” campaign, which states, “promotes unity, respect, fair play, equality and acceptance, will be revealed throughout the 2013 MLS season. Major League Soccer is committed to providing an environment in which clubs, coaches, players, fans and partners are treated with dignity and respect.” Many have told us that the Pocahontas picture and MLS’ decision “refrain from providing comment” goes against the very same campaign they are promoting.