Meet This Texas GOP Executive Committee Member (Latina, BTW): Apartheid Defender, Stormfront Poster and Immigrant Hater

Dec 10, 2013
9:28 AM

Sara Legvold is an executive committee member of Texas’ Republican Party. Say hi to her:


Legvold is of Cuban descent, a refugee from the current Cuban government. She is in her mid 50s and came to this country when she was a little girl. According to reports, Legvold is “originally from Cuba and now a naturalized U.S. citizen living in Keller.”

Yesterday Legvold posted her support of apartheid on a Facebook page for Latino conservatives:

Sara Legvold Apartheid 12-09-2013

According to this member of the Texas GOP executive committee, apartheid ensured that “almost all blacks had jobs, food to buy in their stores, and few had AIDS!” Legvold believes that Nelson Mandela fought against this apartheid system and helped to create a South Africa with over “50+ unemployment, little food to buy, and runaway inflation further reducing buying power, and Over 20% of the population has AIDS!”

Now, Legvold might have missed actual history when it comes to South Africa, since a quick search confirms that apartheid wasn’t so rosy for black South Africans. For example, as one post points out:

The apartheid, institutionalized from 1948 to 1994, was a means of racial classification and segregation that affected nearly every aspect of life in South Africa. The Population Registration Act of 1950 required all South Africans to be racially classified into one of four groups: white, black, colored, or Indian.

There were many complicated rules within the apartheid system – measures that aimed to keep racial groups separated and maintain white supremacy within the country.

That post mentions several laws under apartheid:

  • Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act: “Commenced in July 1949, the Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act outlawed marriages between whites and people of other races.”
  • Suppression of Communism Act: “This law criminalized communism and the Community Party in South Africa. Communism was loosely defined and could include ideology that called for a significant change to how the government functioned.”
  • Natives (Abolition of Passes and Coordination of Documents) Act: “The Abolition of Passes and Coordination of Documents Act required black South Africans over 16-years-old to carry identification including a photograph and place of origin at all times.”
  • Extension of University Education Act: “This act made it illegal for students classified as black or colored to register at an open university without the written permission of the Minister of Internal Affairs…”
  • Bantu Homeland Citizens Act: “The Bantu Homelands Citizens Act took away state citizenship from black South Africans and classified them into ethnic groups.”

Sounds awesome to us, right?

Now, as to other claims. Yes, South Africa has rampant unemployment right now, but not “50+.” Here are the latest figures (source):


Inflation (source):


AIDS rate (source):


Problems in South Africa? Yes. But isn’t AIDS a global epidemic and does Legvold seriously think that segregating races and suppressing people is the right system? And we weren’t aware that the AIDS virus was around in the 50s, 60s, and 70s, during the height of apartheid. Who knows, but if her previous opinions are any indication, looks like we have a Cuban lady who is really into white people. For example, here is what she posted earlier this summer in the same conservative group. Hello, Stormfront!

Sara Legvold Stormfront

Sara Legvold Stormfront #2

And then there are these actual quotes from Legvold about immigrants:

“No compromises, no guest work, until we have our borders under control. I want to deport everybody who is illegal — children, dogs, pets, birds. My compassion has dried up, just as my tax dollars have dried up.” (source)

“They’re here as invaders, as illegal aliens, as criminals. When I see they’re being favored over American citizens in every way, yes, I am outraged, and I am not alone.” (source)

The irony of a naturalized Cuban citizen going off on those “illegals” is a bit too much.

We also wonder if Legvold is pushing for an apartheid system here in the United States, since from her posts, it is clear that she thinks apartheid is awesome.