Why Is #AskTheWhiteHouse Not Including Tough Questions About Immigration?

Dec 19, 2013
12:37 PM

I blogged this for the Huffington Post last week. Today, I received the following image from Prerna Lal, who was originally set to be a “panelist” for a 45-minute discussion with Cecilia Muñoz on the #AskTheWhiteHouse Skype chat.

It seems that at some point throughout the conversation, the panel was scrapped, Sky/Bing/The White House added Vice-president Joe Biden into the mix, and it became a call-in sessions where “anyone” could interact directly with the White House.
Of course, Prerna is prompted in the email to submit her questions to Ms. Muñoz “ahead of time.” 

#AskTheWhiteHouse Why are you avoiding the real questions?

A member from the Trail of Dreams was also asked to submit question to the Vice-President:


Giancarlo Tello, one of the organizers leading the fight for in-state tuition in New jersey, also submitted the following question.

“Vice President Biden, as an undocumented person in the US I know that my community is always under threat of deportation. While Congressional inaction is preventing Immigration Reform, Executive authority is the one deporting us. Why is the administration intent on deporting 400,000 people a year, the same people it wants to help get legalized?”

Why are people not questioning this pattern?


Juan Saaa (Juan Escalante) is and Online Activist for DreamActivist.org. You can follow him @JuanSaaa.