Dominican Gov’t Official Who Called Junot Díaz a “Pseudo Intellectual” in Email Responds to Us

Dec 27, 2013
3:26 PM

Remember José Santana?

He was the Dominican government official who sent a scathing email to author Junot Díaz about the whole Haiti-Dominican Republic citizenship controversy. The email accused Díaz of being a “fake and overrated pseudo intellectual” who doesn’t even speak Spanish well.

José Santana

José Santana

Santana emailed us a response to our story and had it translated to English. (Original Spanish is here.) Here is what he sent us:

 “The Dominican Sovereignty, Uncle Sam and his faithful server Uncle Tom”

by José Santana

“The enemies of the Homeland, therefore our enemies, are very much in line with these ideas: to destroy the nationality even if to do so might be necessary to annihilate the entire nation.”

Juan Pablo Duarte

The group which through a media campaign coordinated from inside and outside the country, has objected to the 168-13 the Constitutional Court ruling, has not left a single valid argument to justify the violation of the sovereignty of the Dominican Republic. What’s more, many of the members of that group have shown, in an irrefutable manner, that they have not even read the document.

As we will show further, the attacks of the anti-Dominican group to the judgment of the TC is based on two elements: 1) a hypocritical solidarity in favor of illegal Haitians and their descendants in the Dominican Republic –crudely manipulating the migration sensitivity of people with a great diaspora, such as the Dominican- and 2) on the idea, which due to its irrationality they do not dare to expose it openly, that the Dominican Republic should take over the solution to the Haitian problem. The more extremists in this position even embrace the idea of a merger of the two Nations.

The two items mentioned above are articulated in a speech that, under the fictitious clothing of “Manufacturing Consent”, the anti-Dominicans broadcast in the media and social networks. The immediate goal of this speech is to disarm the patriotic Dominican passion, so they end up accepting as reasonable the violation of the sovereignty of their country, on the part of a group of foreign powers seeking to escape in this way their historical responsibility in the huge human misfortune in Haiti. Dominican sovereignty is the scapegoat that France and the United States intend to sacrifice in order to get rid of the “bad conscience” representing the Haitian tragedy, and the anti-Dominicans of the media in our country assist them with enthusiasm in this ominous feast.

Those sincerely concerned about Haiti and Dominican Republic must make the effort to understand what were the causes of the horrible tragedy of Haiti, which today has again become evident by means of the uproar that has caused the 168-13 decree of the Constitutional Court.


Dominicans have had historic solidarity with the Haitians, that is tangible throughout the island, starting in the houses inhabited by babysitters and domestic employees of Haitian origin, passing through the academic, shopping and tourist centers of our country, and arriving to those communities in the most remote places of our nation, where cohabit in aboveground Dominicans and Haitians, in an invisible embrace of solidarity and peace. Whose, in collaboration with the Haitian elites, have exploited to Haitian workers in the Dominican Republic, represent a minority. The vast majority of Dominicans have not accumulated wealth by the sweat of the Haitians.

The real responsible ones for Haitian Holocaust, United States and France, are never mentioned in the establishment media, from where it spreads a message striving to add supporters from the Dominican masses to his cause, and from where there operate the anti-Dominicans, through making them feel guilty a holding in which the masses never participated, not received any benefit and only brought them the disadvantage of having to survive on low wages.

Washington is the protagonist of the most recent chapters in the Haitian drama. From the moment that Jean-Bertrand Aristide was elected President of Haiti in 1990, the United States of America began to show their disenchantment against the populist candidate who had an electorate of significant rural origin. This new Haiti posed a threat to the interests of France, which have a huge historical debt due to the looting it submitted the Haitian people, as well as the United States, which then reduced the country to an appalling misery through an intervention that lasted more than a century.

President George Bush father reacted with the expected radical attitude, suspending the support to the Government and transferring it to the so-called “democratic forces”, understood by these murderers and torturers within military and paramilitary forces trained by the CIA, the wealthy elite and the business sector.

It is within this process of undermining the foundations of democratic hope in Haiti, when the United States promote the creation of the FRAPH, headed by Emmanuel Constant, a mercenary and psychopathic CIA-trainee whose contribution to the Haitian ‘democratic’ process, under the concept of the United States, has been the killing of more than 4,000 poor Haitians. Until today, I have not seen one member of the anti-Dominicans face up to the USA demanding that they extradite Emmanuel Constant for his crimes against the people of Haiti, and some renowned anti-Dominicans, such as Junot Diaz, live with him in New York City. Emmanuel Constant has not left the United States for years, although he has been requested in extradition on several occasions.


This monster created by the United States, along with another psychopath who stood out in the bloodthirsty barbarism against Haitians, called Guy Philippe, have acted unpunished with the blessing of “Uncle Sam” and any of them “Uncle Tom” who now scream his contempt to Dominican sovereignty has come to protest to condemn their crimes against humanity. This is why we say that the Group has mounted a media campaign against the ruling of the Constitutional Court, under the false flag of solidarity with the Haitian people; just performing an Olympic exercise in hypocrisy.

After the coup against Aristide in 1991, the OAS declared an embargo, which the U.S. Government clearly stated it would violate. Former President Bill Clinton came to authorize the shipment of oil by Texaco Oil Company to the Military Board. After assuming the Government, George Bush son suspended aid to Haiti.

During the elections of the year 2000 in Haiti, the United States again expressed their fears that a populist leader like Aristide could return to power. At that time the Congressman of the United States, John James Conyers Jr., publicly said that “unfortunately, irregularities in the elections took place” and that the problem of irregularity “threatened to undo the ‘democratic’ of the citizens of Haiti work.”

In 2004 the Government of Aristide was again overthrown and there’s where arises the sinister figure of Guy Philippe, who claims to be a fervent admirer of Augusto Pinochet. From there to date, who have ruled Haiti have been political forces supported by the United States.

Throughout this tragic Haiti’s history, when Haitian refugees have left fleeing to the terror of the murderers and ruthless criminals, the country that has received them in mass it has been the Dominican Republic, when these refugees have come to the United States fleeing to dictators whom they have supported, inevitably they have been forced to return to his country, in violation of the minimum humanitarian criteria. This type of attitude towards refugees changes during the Aristide Government, receiving them with political asylum and returned to change to the usual when the Military Board overthrew Aristide.

No ‘Democracy’ neither ‘progress’ have come to Haiti yet, over the past 20 years, after 6 interventions and the establishment of about 10,000 NGO’s operating in Haitian territory, an average close to 1 NGO for every 900 Haitians.

The NGOs have become a very lucrative business in Haiti because of the amount of resources flowing to humanitarian causes, but the truth is that many of these funds do not reach the Haitian people, but are diluted in the hands of those who operate with such business success these NGOs.

On February 6, 2010, an article published by “El Guijarro Blanco ” cited the statements of Mr. Ricardo Seitenfus, head of the OAS. Mr. Seintenfus said that: “A relation exists between the unhappiness of the Haitians and the happiness of the NGOs and the greatest danger we face now is the ‘oenegization’ of the country”. Haiti was never as weak as it is now and it is dialogue and accept many things but there is a perverse relationship between the weakness of the Haitian State and the strength of NGO’s in the country”.

Throughout this process, it is important to remember that in 1999 in San José, Costa Rica, held a hearing of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, an organization influenced by the interests of the United States in the region. This agency explicitly posed, with brutal insolence “to ban the Dominican Republic from any regulation or immigration control in any case of Haitians, regardless of which have a legal or illegal status in the country”. This unusual request was based on the argument that the Dominican Republic was “incapable of immigration controls”.

I personally challenge the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights of the OAS, as an ordinary Dominican citizen among those whom they are supposedly called to hear testimony from, to submit the evidence of their diligent observations and criticism against United Stated when the extradition of Emmanuel Constant for his crimes against humanity has been requested. They should present as well the evidence of their “sincere” hard work in favor of Humans Rights against Guy Philippe, a mass murderer currently living happily in Haiti. When in the past has ever the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights present reports and request judgment against of all the Haitians FRAPH mass murderers?

Who defined the French, English or American nationalities? The states of those nations define it or other countries do, other states or international organizations, define it? Who in his right mind would even think of trying imposing a notion of nationality to the Supreme Court of the United States or France or UK? Then, why can’t the state institutions of the Dominican Republic define those concepts with the same sovereignty that the United States, France, and England do?

There are 193 Nations in the world. According to a study of the Center for Studies of the Immigration in Washington, DC, 160 of them do not give citizenship to children of illegal immigrants, including the Dominican Republic. Not only that, those countries that did in the past, have put an end to this practice, as did England in 1983, Australia in 1986, India in 1987, Malta in 1989, Ireland in 2004 and New Zealand in 2006. However, none of these Nations that stopped granting nationality to children of illegal immigrants was mounted a media campaign to force them to take back their decision, as have done the anti-Dominicans against the Dominican country. This is evidence that what they really want in our case is to make the Dominican Republic take over the Haitian problem.

Once again, what is at stake here and now is the defense of the sovereignty of our people. The crossroads that is presented to us is if the solution to the problems created in Haiti is the responsibility of the ruthless and millionaire elites of that country, the United States and France or if on the contrary, a geopolitical solution will be charged to the Dominican Republic.

I exhort, support, respect and applaud the Dominicans, please read well the Dominicans, to express their feelings, opinion and criteria in favor or against the 168-13 Judgment of the Constitutional Court. This is our inalienable right, provided to us by the moral principle, that the authority that does not accept questioning of their own citizens is an illegitimate authority, and should be dismantled. But those who are maliciously linked to foreigners to harm the sovereignty of the Dominican Republic, writing articles together with agents of the Haiti Government in foreign new papers, against our sovereignty, those who receive funds, favors and contributions from international organizations, those who accept bribes from the Government of the elites of Haiti, engaging the USA, France and any other country, those who supported foreign approaches to undermine our sovereignty, those who in silence, in the dark and behind the disgusting doors of betrayal, promote the intervention against the sovereignty of this country, those should “self-denationalize” themselves and be judged as criminals, because our nation carriers with honor every drop of blood of our heroes, martyrs and Patriots.

Those who promote the violation of our country sovereignty, under the excuse of defending the interests of the “denationalized,” divert the attention of the role played by France and the United States in the submission to absolute poverty of a country to which the Dominicans have always extended a solidarity that has not been given by any other country in the world.

Juan Pablo Duarte painting by Rafael Torres

Juan Pablo Duarte painting by Rafael Torres

The solution to this problem is not in violating the sovereign decision of the Constitutional Court of the Dominican Republic, as the anti-Dominicans proclaim. The solution to this sad tragedy demands an appropriate action from the United States and France. For starters, France, which has always shown a cruel, hypocritical and obscene posture regarding the misfortune of Haiti, should pay to this country the compensation asked by Jean Bertrand Aristide; and “Uncle Sam”, must assume his share in the pain caused by more than one century of interventions. If the United States has invested billions in rebuilding Iraq, a country that intervened once, why not to do it also in Haiti, where they have intervened for more than one century?

“I was never so in need of having health, heart and judgment as today; today that men without judgment and without heart conspire against the health of the nation.”

Juan Pablo Duarte