Rep. Steve King’s 2014 Voter Survey: Another Pendejo Move By America’s #1 Pendejo

Dec 30, 2013
9:38 PM

Pendejo Tour founder, Iowa Rep. Steve King, is looking to start his 2014 Pendejo Tour the same way he started in 2013—by being a major pendejo. We will explain:

We got the following tweet tonight from a Twitter follower:

The tweet had this photo:


It was survey by King and it was all about Question 2:

Illegal immigration is a problem that touches everybody in America. Congress has considered and rejected several proposals to reform the system because they all grant amnesty to illegal aliens. What of the following should congress [sic] do?

  • Force the administration [sic] to enforce the laws on the books, which are meant uphold [sic] the rule of law and protect our national security
  • Pass stricter border security measures
  • Reform the immigration system without granting amnesty
  • Other:
  • Besides the fact that King’s people can’t proofread in English (ironic), King continues to perpetuate the myth of the “criminal alien” for his own political gain.

    Let’s just say this about King. His time will come when his penedjo-ness will eventually get him out of politics. In the meantime, THIS is the kind of guy Republicans stay silent about. But let’s just give you some facts:

    • 162,894 The estimated Latino population of Iowa as of July  1, 2012, making people of  Latino origin the state’s largest  race or ethnic minority. Latinos  constitute 5.3 percent of the  state’s total population.
    • 79,706  The numeric change in the  Latino population from 2000 to 2012. This is a 95.8 percent increase for the period.”
    • 436,138  The projected Latino population of Iowa as of July  1, 2040. According to the 2013 Woods & Pool Economics Inc.,  Latinos will constitute 12.7  percent of the state’s total population on that date.”

    Um, there will be close to 500,000 Latinos living in Iowa in about 30 years. We’re talking Iowa. Imagine that.

    Those who continue to spout stupidity like King are just afraid. It’s sad to see, but what do you expect from King Pendejo?